Our dealership was founded in 1978 by Domenico Passarelli's passion, head electrician of Marines (nicknamed Motorcycle Boss by his colleagues).
He left the italian army and ships to start a collection of vintage motorcycles, for sell and fix Moto Guzzi's.
Between the years from 1967 to 1972 he worked at Roberto Gallina's garage when it was still located in Piazza del Popolo, Migliarina (La Spezia). He was a pilot for Paton at that time, and he changed the bicilinder Yamaha team. Afterwards, he dedicated himself to the World Champions Uncini's and Lucchinelli's motorcycles.
Assisted by his sons Salvatore, Adriano and Ivan, their success through the years brought the Passarelli Moto to be a meeting point for all the bikers in the South of Italy but most of all Calabrians.


Our family based company was founded in 1982 and started with Moto Guzzi to envolve through the years arriving to rappresent Honda now for over 20 years. Our highly qualified staff grown with the passion for motorcycles, it is always ready to help every kind of bikers and find the best solution for each problems.


Passarelli Moto is not only passion, but also assistance with the latest state of the art equipment, utensils and parts. Our team of experts are always ready to provide assistance with a smile.



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